About Us

Our Expertise

The partnerships have been built around trusted collaboration and in alignment with the client’s business goals

For the last 10 years, TechMojo partnered with large and medium-sized companies to address the digital engineering challenges that come with their growth opportunities. The partnerships have been built around trusted collaboration and in alignment with the client’s business goals. Often, the partnership with TechMojo turned out to be a strategic competitive advantage for multiple clients, that powered their growth.

A combination of deeper digital engineering expertise to build cutting-edge systems for growth, processes that assure predictability of quality, cost, and time, engagement models that are developed around business goals and not price structures, and a value system that emphasizes transparency, agility, trusted collaboration and ownership enabled such successful and long sustaining partnerships.

Building systems for hyper-growth

TechMojo’s core capability has been to build highly performant digital systems that enable clients’ hyper-growth through modern architecture, massive scale abilities, and high levels of automation. The architectural choices and stack selection processes combine business goals with requirements for performance, scalability, total cost of operations (TCO), and time to market. TechMojo always strived to incorporate scale and reliability considerations into architecture and design upfront and embraced shift-left thinking for seamless flow from design and development to production operations, that enables availing of growth opportunities with confidence.

Extensive use of the open-source stack and incorporating cost considerations involved with operational scaling of teams of different skill sets ensured the systems TechMojo builds are always optimized for lower TCO. Further, the adoption of the cloud with vendor neutrality options and subsequent automation in code shipping processes, coupled with autoscaling in production, resulted in resource efficiency in infrastructure usage, service desks, reliability engineering, and production operations.

It’s a combination of these capabilities that helped multiple hyper-growth companies trust TechMojo as their partner for the full spectrum of work from architecting systems for scale to development and IT operations.

Predictability as a core concern

While the tech expertise helps TechMojo deliver capable systems, it is our custom and unique processes that help us stay consistent and sustain the core capabilities. One of the core concerns of any CTO is to be able to ensure predictability in everything technology teams do. From the development capacities to the quality assurance and robustness of technical operations and reliability of production systems, everything has predictability as a core concern.

To address this, TechMojo developed custom processes over the years that put predictability at the core. Whether it’s planning or executing the committed payloads for developments, or the processes for tech operations, TechMojo has very clearly defined and matured processes, governance, and collaboration structures that ensure consistency and predictability. Process innovations like Daily RAG identifies and removes any risks on a continuous basis to stay predictable.

Engagement models for trusted collaboration

TechMojo had stayed clear of engagement models that had revenue maximization as the core concern. Instead, TechMojo had put the belief in core expertise of building for growth and sustaining it with matured processes for predictability, as a catalyst for growth. Keeping with this idea, TechMojo developed engagement models that always involve trusted collaboration and transparency to an extent the models foster work engagement that is as deep as in-house teams.