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We are an outsourced product development and IT services company, based in India

TechMojo is an outsourced product development and technology services company, specialising in building massively scalable web and mobile based products. We bring in the expertise, processes and methods to help the clients take their products to the market fast and ensure certainty of outcome. Our primary focus is on payment processing, payment solutions, online gaming, and marketing automation domains.

We provide you with the expertise on


Payment Processing


Marketing Automation


PCI Compliant Solutions


IT Automation


Team Says

What our team like about us


Karpura Panickar

Technical Analyst

Great place to work...Literally...!!! Best thing about work is you get to actually be the designer/architect, use your own algorithms. One can also have a preference on what he/she wants to work on.


Dilip Reddy

Software Architect

Got the opportunity to be associated with the company from Feb'2014 and since then having great time at work. programming/caching techniques/optimizing, scaling applications and what not. You get to work on every aspect you desire for. The teams are very collaborative.


Heamanth Nath

Senior QA Engineer

Love to be a part of such a good company, Techmojo is a pinnacle of learning and a place of well versed solutions for day to day Tech Obscure.


Tausief Shaikh

Technical Analyst

'TechMojo' primarily focuses on developing great quality products, addressing high performance and scale, which always makes you push your limits.The challenging environment always keeps you dynamic, productive and transform your personality to a whole new level.


Current Openings

We are searching for some SuperHeroes to join our team with the below skill-set. (Minimum 3 Years of Experience)

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Java Senior Developers and Leads
Java 7/8, Spring, MySQL/Informix, J2EE web profile, Maven/Gradle, Kafka, Redis

Any of these rings a bell? Then you are the one we are currently looking to work with.

Apply Now: careers@techmojo.in

Or Participate in our Hackathon

UI Developers
HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Designing, Mobile-First, Bootstrap

If you are one with these super skills, join us and be a part of our wonderful team.

Apply Now: careers@techmojo.in
FrontEnd Developers
HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Designing, Mobile-First, Bootstrap, JavaScript, JQuery, AngularJS

If Web is the language you speak, let's communicate.

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