Head, Engineering

Vikram Mudaliar

Head, Engineering

Vikram Mudaliar is a seasoned technology professional with a wide-ranging skillset, having led engineering teams to success during his enriching 12-year career. Versatile technologist and a whiz at identifying subtle issues in applications, also exhibits mastery over complex challenges involving cloud solutions like AWS and Azure to mention a few.

His talent in UX and UI design speaks to his creative side, while Vikram’s competence in front and back-end technologies demonstrates a comprehensive engineering expertise. A strong proponent of efficiency, Vikram is well-versed in automation, allowing him to streamline operations effectively.

Graduate of the National Institute of Technology Trichy, India, Vikram earned his master's degree in computer applications.

Away from the technical realm, Vikram finds joy in reading and cherishing moments with his family. He maintains a keen interest in exploring emerging tech tools and harbours a special curiosity about AI.

Vikram’s extensive knowledge in cybersecurity and familiarity with various operating systems enables him to ensure the robustness and efficiency of systems. His proactive approach to identifying and mitigating potential security risks is crucial in the contemporary digital landscape.

In addition to his contributions to the industry, Vikram values giving back to the technology community, often contributing to open-source projects. His passion for constant learning and innovative thinking reaffirms his invaluable role in the tech industry.